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Technology companies use human-machine interaction approaches and occasionally forget that customer experience goes beyond the product, and it encompasses all areas of the business. Many Edtech companies fail to follow customer experience practices that are fundamentals to engage teachers and students.

Customer experience is all interactions a customer, former customers, and prospective customers have with your company. It is not only about customer service, user experience, or marketing; it is end-users, influencers and decision-makers, those using your services, and those that left because they were unsatisfied — understanding the customer experience as an ecosystem is fundamental. Hence, customer experience is…

As a consultant, I need to be knowledgeable of market trends; my passion is customer experience. So I decided to write about Canadian aspects of customer experience, and not many consultants are in this field, most of the literature and studies are center on customer service or other issues of the overall cx.

Indeed, most consumers have experienced poor customer service, and they’re wary of services offered by businesses after a bad experience. They waste no time running away from a product if they are not satisfied.

Let’s assume your organization has the best product in the world. People will…

As a consultant understanding clients’ needs and wants is at the center of my practice. To connect with clients, I need to know what they want, their aspirations, and deliver what they need, providing the best solution for their problems.

I am a service provider to B2B and a Customer Experience (CX) practitioner. My motto is the “360 view” of my customers — meaning — that I need to understand my clients and, subsequently, my clients’ customers.

My clients want to stay relevant and innovative and often look at other successful companies, hot industry trends, or new shiny products…

I was trying to select a great option to celebrate my daughter, B-Day. I found that there is no easy way to combine restaurant ratings across different website searches. I did google, Yelp, Zomato, and open table, trip advisor, Expedia, etc.

It is a pain to look for a consolidated rating. For example, my friends have issues such as dietary constraints, foodies, oldies, etc.

We have so many ways to look for information. Which one is the best way for me as a user? The fragmented data across different platforms; is not us; from that point of view, I would…

Alicia Freites

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